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Artificial Bamboo Plant(1m) Artificial Bamboo Plant(1m)
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Our Artificial Real Stem 1m Bamboo Plant is ultra realistic with twig branches that are made using living stems which have been preserved. The stems are foliated using lush silk leaves that both look and feel real. This faux Bamboo Plant will create a tropical feel as part of your interior design. The attention to detail is in the colour, texture and leaf pattern of this bamboo which ensures the b…
Artificial Bay Ball Leaf Tree Artificial Bay Ball Leaf Tree
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This Artificial Small Bay Ball Tree is such a classic entrance plant and a small speciman which will make a fabulous addition to any sill or plant table. Pot dimensions - 11(h) x 12(dia) cm Overall height - 94cm
Artificial Eucalyptus Tree (5ft) Artificial Eucalyptus Tree (5ft)
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Artificial Eucalyptus Tree The refreshing leaves of a Eucalyptus tree are perfect for adding a touch of green sophistication to your home.   150(h) x 70(w) cm Pot size: 20(dia) x 16(h) cm
Artificial Giant Olive Tree (7ft) Artificial Giant Olive Tree (7ft)
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The epitome of our artificial tree selection. This luxurious Artificial Giant Olive Tree stands at 7ft high and has the most realistic and dense green olive foliage. The faux olives on the tree are weighted to give a true to life effect. Pot dimensions - 20(h) x 22(dia) cm Overall height - 210 cm *Please note that this item requires a dedicated or 2 person delivery. Therefore it is only available…
Artificial Kentia Palm Artificial Kentia Palm
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Create an exotic vibe with this elegant Artificial Kentia Palm. Add some 'zing' to a dull corner with the lush green fronds eminating from it's realistic wood stem - bringing life and style in to your room. Overall dimensions - 152(h) x  60(dia) cm Pot dimensions - 11(h) x 11(dia) cm
Artificial Lush Green Fern (95cm) Artificial Lush Green Fern (95cm)
1 in stock
A gorgeous Faux Forest Fern doesn't need humidity to thrive. It’s a fabulous plant for adding lush everlasting greenery to your home without ever having to worry about maintaining its stunning appearance. Pot dimensions - 15(h) x 15(dia) cm Overall dimensions - 95(h) cm
Artificial Olive Tree (5ft) Artificial Olive Tree (5ft)
1 in stock
This elegant Artificial Olive Tree has a natural wood stem, lush foliage and weighted olives - perfect for creating a sophisticated Mediterranean feel for your home. Overall height - 154 cm
Potted Lilac Lavender - small Potted Lilac Lavender - small
4 in stock
Such a realistic and pretty potted lavender, perfect for sunny sills. 35(h) x 10(w) x 10(d) cm
Artificial Bracken Fern in Grey Pot Artificial Bracken Fern in Grey Pot
2 in stock
A lush Green Artificial Bracken Fern Plant in Grey Pot with an abundance of soft fronds, set in a speckled grey cement pot. A faux plant which requires no watering. 42(h) cm
Artificial Green Fern Bush in Grey Pot Artificial Green Fern Bush in Grey Pot
1 in stock
A lush Artificial Green Bracken Fern Bush in a Dark Grey Stone Pot. Artificial ferns are a fabulous way to infuse your interiors with no-maintenance sophisticated greenery. Pot dimensions - 14(h) x 19(dia) cm Overall dimensions - 56(h) cm
Artificial Mini Monstera Plant Artificial Mini Monstera Plant
3 in stock
With it's beautiful lush green leaves and exotic appearance, this Faux Mini Monstera Plant will turn any home space in to a little bit of paradise. The Monstera plant has dramatic green leaves which are adorned with striking hole formations. Pot - 11(h) x 11(dia) cm Overall height - 66  cm 
Mini Faux Boxwood Oval in pot Mini Faux Boxwood Oval in pot
1 in stock
Our Miniature Faux Boxwood Oval in Pot is an oval shaped small green boxwood topiary in a stone effect pot. Perfect for small sills. 30(h) cm
Artificial Eucalyptus Plant Artificial Eucalyptus Plant
8 in stock
Artificial Pale Eucalyptus Plant 75(h) cm Pot dimensions - 13(h) x 14(dia) cm
Artificial Lavender Bush in Grey Pot Artificial Lavender Bush in Grey Pot
1 in stock
We think these Artificial Lavender Bushes are fabulous for bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Realistic, free-flowing lavender stems and green foliage are presented in a charming grey cement pot which will look lovely wherever you decide to place it in your home. Pot dimensions - 10(h) x 27(w) x 12(d) cm Overall dimensions: 44(h) cm
Artificial Onion Grass with Seed Heads Artificial Onion Grass with Seed Heads
1 in stock
This Faux Onion Grass with fluffy seed heads is a superb faux plant for adding a little green lushness in to the home. As it is a tall plant, the faux onion grass would look fabulous in a corner spot or where a little height is needed in your home decor. The Onion Grass is set in a black plastic plant pot. 71(h) cm
Artificial Bay Plant Artificial Bay Plant
5 in stock
Lush, dark green, Faux Bay Plant Black plastic plant pot 25(h) cm
Artificial Green Button Fern in pot Artificial Green Button Fern in pot
1 in stock
Artificial Green Button Fern in Grey speckled Cement Pot 20(h) cm Pot dimensions - 15(h) x 16(dia) cm
Artificial Mini Boston Fern Artificial Mini Boston Fern
4 in stock
A Mini Lush Green Artificial Fern Plant which will look lovely in a pretty pot of your choice Overall dimensions - 30(h) cm Pot dimensions - 10(h) x 10(w) cm
Artificial Mini Rosemary Bush in Clay Pot Artificial Mini Rosemary Bush in Clay Pot
1 in stock
This Mini Faux Rosemary Bush is sat in a pretty little aged stone pot. A perfect touch of realistic greenery for little spaces which may not be able to be watered. 21(h) cm
Artificial Mini Tillandsia in Urchin Pot Artificial Mini Tillandsia in Urchin Pot
1 in stock
The sweetest little Faux Tillandsia Air Plant in a white bobbly urchin pot 9(h) x 6(dia) cm

Our artificial plants and trees are so realistic they will fool even the best gardeners. All shapes and sizes available from small shrubs to large bamboo trees.


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