Create a montage of magic on your walls

If you are keen to keep things contemporary but timeless (we all know that redecorating is expensive at the best of times), try to keep your range of colours to a minimum. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stray beyond Magnolia, it simply means that fashion is fickle and in general, the bolder the shade of colour, the more quickly it’s likely to become ‘so last year!’

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20 May 2015

Have a Knole sofa designed for your home

Louise said: “If Richard and I had been around during the time that parts of our shop were built we wouldn’t have been privy to such luxuries as the sofa’s which we sell here today. Instead, if we had wanted to sit together, it would have been most probably on a plain wooden bench. And for any sort of back support we would have just had to push the bench against the nearest wall!”

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02 April 2015

Create a Far Eastern snug with The Richard Harvey Collection

As lives are becoming increasingly hectic and fast-paced, we try to offset this by creating a tranquil breathing space to recharge our batteries. So if you are looking to escape into your own Aladdin’s Cave of blissful peace, we have just the items you are looking for.

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24 March 2015